WATCH how Jesus miraculously woke a baby from coma days after doctors tried to turn off life support

Miracles of Saints
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According to The Sun, the tiny tot was struck with the virus in September.

Marwa’s body was so brutally ravaged by the virus that doctors insisted she be placed on life support.
To prevent further neurological disorders, doctors also put Marwa into an induced coma.

Over time, medical options were quickly tried and failed.

Eventually, doctors were forced to attempt “aggressive therapy,” but soon discovered even that ended in failure.

With heavy hearts, Marwa’s Algerian parents were told their daughter should be allowed to die.

Unwilling to give up, Marwa’s parents launched a Facebook appeal titled Jamais Sans Marwa – Never Without Marwa.”

Over 100,000 signatures were gathered and a court ruled in their favor, allowing little Marwa to remain on life-support and receive any treatment that may be of help at La Timone hospital in Marseilles.

Doctors claimed Marwa would never be able to eat, walk or breathe independent of the life-support machine but they never had a chance to prove it.

Miraculously, Marwa awoke ten days after the court decision was granted.

A video of the child waking from the coma was made available on both Facebook and YouTube, where Marwa can be seen smiling as her father speaks to her.

According to French news site Nice-Matin, Marwa’s father explained: “Her treatment continues, but we see daily progress and it gives us great hope.

“When I talk to her, she hears my voice, she reacts, sometimes she smiles.”
Thank you, Lord, for healing Marwa

And for miracles such as these.
Father God,
Our lives are in your hands.
We thank you for all you do
And all you shield us from.
Please continue to love on us
And bring healing to the sick.


By Kenya Sinclair

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