Prayer for Spiritual Strength

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Thank You, Jesus, for your victory over death. I trust that You will lift me when I fall. I know that You will encourage me when I waver. I place all my weakness and anxieties at Your feet. Come Lord, and fill me with Your divine life.

Saint Gabriel, who comforted Jesus in his agony, and with you I praise the most Holy Trinity for having chosen you from among all the Holy Angels to comfort and strengthen Him who is the comfort and strength of all that are in affliction. By the honour you enjoyed and by the obedience, humility, and love with which you assisted the sacred humanity of Jesus my Saviour, when He was fainting with sorrow at seeing the sins of the world and especially my sins, I beg to obtain for me perfect sorrow for my sins.

Strengthen me in the afflictions that now weigh upon my soul, and in all the other trials, to which I shall be exposed in time to come, in particular in my final agony. Holy Angel who strengthened Jesus Christ, Come and strengthen me also. Give me a personal and devoted love for Jesus, the Word of God Incarnate, and His Mother Mary,, More like your own. May I see them and you in heaven after my death. Amen.

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