My Terminal illness Disappeared after I received Holy Communion from Sick Bed-

Miracles of Saints
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Here is a testimony of Brother Daniel Futoshi that received his healing from sick bed by the power of God

For years I experienced spasms and the doctors did not understand why I had them. They were so severe that I slept rarely. I never believed that God can heal me until i was convinced by my godmother to talk to Jesus with a honest and sincere heart. I gradually grew in faith for almost one year. I invited a Priest for confession and also received Holy Communion. God  healed me.  Since I was 18 years of age I’ve had arthritis all over and that caused problems with being able to sleep. My fingers were turning and causing extreme pain and they straighten out after prayer and what little pain I currently have is bearable. I had pain all over which made it difficult to get up and function but now things are a lot easier and I am grateful for the relief. My greatest desire was to be able to kneel on my artificial knees and now I can with no spasms or pain!! God is great! I was given a medication to help with the pain in my neck and as a side effect it caused my lungs not to function properly and I had to be on a breathing machine and inhaler. That was healed and I rarely use it anymore. I had been experiencing frightening pains in my chest due to stress and God healed that! My rotator cuff had been operated on twice and I know I ripped it again but I gave God my body and He healed that immediately. Praise God, He is so, so good! Life is now bearable and I thank God every moment I can for His goodness

Praise Jesus forever!

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