Can A Christian Join the Army, Police and the Law Profession

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The Bible does not condemn any of these professions; it however condemns evil practices that some members of these professions practice. When the soldiers came to john the Baptist, he did not condemn them because they were soldiers; he simply gave advice on how they should live:  Denounce no one falsely. Be content with your pay. (Lk. 3;14). Read acts 10: 1-48 for proof that someone in the military force can be a good man (see also LK. 7:1-9). What is said here applies to the study and the profession of law. Some people are trained to interpret the law of the state. The goal of law is the preservation of justice in society. Law is intended to ensure that no one takes advantage over his neighbor. So those who stoutly defend the rights of people are doing works of love.

In the trial of Jesus, the law was not allowed to have its course.  Pilate told the elders, Chief priest and teachers of the law that he had examined Jesus but had not found him guilty of any of the crimes you accuse him of (LK. 23: 13-25). Pilate wanted to set Jesus free because in his interpretation of the law Jesus was not guilty of any crime. The law was in favor of Jesus but the Judge took sides with the enemies of Christ and the law (Jn. 19:12-14).we discover that before this time, Nicodemus was already seeking the aid of the law to save Jesus right to life. According to our law, we cannot condemn a man before hearing him and finding out what he has done (John 7:51).

When some people abuse the law, that does not make the law bad. When a lawyer who ought to use the law to protect rights and privileges uses the law for his own selfish ends, such an attitude does not make the law profession as a whole evil. A Christian who enters the law profession should use this profession to do good to God’s children, to defend their rights and awaken them to their responsibilities.

If Jesus were a Roman citizen by law (like Paul), he would not have been insulted the way he was, for it was forbidden by law to scourge and crucify a Roman citizen. To scourge a Roman citizen was a crime punishable by death. Paul believed in the protecting of the law.

Read Acts, Chapters 24, 25, 26, where Paul made several appeals to the law in defiance of his right to live and to practice his new-found faith. At the end of St. Paul’s legal battle in Caeserea , the Judge, Agrippa said: “ this man could have been released if he had not appealed to the Emperor” (Acts 26;32). The law is meant to ensure that justice is done. Whoever does that sort of job is doing something good.

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